Groove Atelier Foundation

The Foundation

"Groove Atelier" was founded at the beginning of 2013 in Sofia by Nikola Garyalov and Atanas Naydenov, and registered as an NGO in public benefit with Company File 73/2013 on 25.02.2013, by “Sofia City Court”. The foundation is in the register of the “Ministry of Justice” from 19.03.2013. under /002/ number.

Our mission is:

  • To develop and enhance a sense of cultural identity, aesthetics and national awareness by promoting both traditional and non-traditional music and artactivities;
  • To discover and support young talented artists;
  • To establish networks of creative ensembles, artists and educators practicing different types of art at local or international levels, by participating in educational and cultural activities and programs in the terms of social, religious and ethnical equality.

The Foundation aims:

  • To promote and popularize art to a wider audience and encourage a more refined appreciation of art among people of all ages;
  • To stimulate creativity and artistry in young people and encourage their development as complete personalities through combined educational, social and art activities and expanding the existing professional niches.

To achieve its goals, the Foundation provides the following activities:

  • Organizes and conducts seminars, forums, workshops, performances, masterclasses, conferences, performances, concerts, screenings, discussions, and productions;
  • Supports debutantes as well as already approved artists, participating in cultural events and networking with international - cultural and educational organizations;
  • Assists the state authorities in organizationand conduct of events, aiming to preserve and develop the cultural traditions in the country;
  • Supports the process of social and ethnical integration of disadvantaged people, by the means of art and other creative activities;
  • Preserves and develops the traditional culture, combining it with innovative approaches, to present it in front of Bulgarian and foreign audience;
  • Works with related organizations in the country and abroad, to promote Bulgarian art products across borders as well as, to present world famous artists, crews and companies in the country;
  • Initiates educational and recreational activities for children, youth and adults;
  • Raises funds, and submits them for the preparation and implementation of cultural events.